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Payroll is a vital part of any organization, a critical process worth all attention. It demands accuracy, confidentiality and fast processing, up-to-date knowledge of legislation, shortly meaning highly trained dedicated staff and continuously updated software applications.

The Prohuman payroll service can be delivered in several options, depending on customer’s requirements, from full service outsourcing, including staff files management and assignment of an APT specialist to the customer's office, to partial options which only include the actual processing of payroll.


Prohuman Solutions

We introduce the Prohuman payroll formula that will provide you with an efficient, high-quality service. Our concern for payroll quality management is demonstrated by ISO9001:2015 certification and it’s reflected in our efforts to improve internal payroll processes and business processes over the years.

  • File with monthly payroll

  • Monthly income tax reports due to the state

  • Generating payroll statements

  • Generating payroll file for card payments

  • Sending payroll slip (by email or in secured envelopes)

  • Making and filing tax records

Customer benefits

  • Payroll without the need of specialized employee or costly infrastructure and software

  • Accurate payroll calculations without risk of additional costs and penalties due to inadequate application of the legislative changes

  • Relief the organization of the bureaucratic process of making and maintaining staff files

  • Fully confidential payroll

  • Avoiding problems due to payroll staff fluctuations within the organization

  • Generate complex and personalized reports for good a financial analysis

  • Specialized consulting and implementation of best practices based on the wide range of information we have access to as professional services provider

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Regardless of the complexity of payroll services that fit your business, we are at your disposal for further information.

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