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With over 11,000 recruitments in nearly 18 years since this business line has perfectly complemented Prohuman's human resource activity, we are able to successfully deliver the most ambitious recruitment and selection projects of our customers.

Our approach is based on the principles of project management establishing clear deliverables, precise deadlines and measurable results.

We are concerned about the continuous improvement of our service quality and because of that since 2008 we have implemented The Quality Management System in the Recruitment and Selection Department.

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Multiple industries

The Prohuman company recruitment consultants are specialists with consistent business experience who have approached throughout time projects from various industries:

Call Center

Stages of the recruitment process


Understanding the specifics of the client company to corroborate the latest trends in the labour market and a correct presentation to selected candidates.


Determining job profiles for open positions (hierarchy placement, responsibilities, work specifics, goals, performance parameters, payroll and benefits).


Defining profiles of matching candidates (training, experience, qualifications, certifications, competencies, psycho-behavioral profile).


Filtering potential candidates from multiple sources: APT database, social networks, referrals, career fairs or our contacts in university or professional environments.


Attracting filtered candidates and evaluating them using a mix of methods that combine (depending on the case) testing with psychometric instruments, trial work, structured and /or situational interviews.


Preparing a short list of the most suitable candidates adding for each one a report of the evaluation results. On the basis of which the client will be able to make the final selection.


Assisting the client in the decision process and, on request, presenting the employment offer for each selected candidate.

Customer benefits

  • Reducing fixed and recurring costs of the recruitment and selection work organization.

  • Filling in the internal recruitment and selection capacity in case of peak activity.

  • Access to modern selection tools without costly investments.

  • The possibility to choose to outsource the entire recruitment process or just certain stages such as the initial screening of potential candidates or the use of selection tools to assess their competencies.

  • Full cost control due to a clear price structure.

  • Free replacement of people recruited by Prohuman which are leaving the client company during the guarantee period determined by recruitment contract.

  • Access to a database of over 150,000 CVs.

  • High quality of service demonstrated through the long-term partnerships that Prohuman has established.

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Whether it is a project for a single position or for 100 positions, we approach the recruitment and selection process with the utmost seriousness, acting systematically in order to find the right candidate for each post, for each client as soon as possible.

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