Temporary staffing

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Fast access to pre-selected workforce

Through temporary staffing services, we provide fast and flexible access to a pre-selected, qualified and custom-tailored workforce.

From the customer's perspective, the main advantage of using temporary staff (on temporary assignments) is related to fast capacity of reaction to work volume fluctuations and skills required in the organization.


Prohuman Solutions

Prohuman temporary staffing solutions are designed to best meet these requirements and are based on the following services:

  • Temporary staffing contracts

  • Staff files

  • Calculation and payment of wage rights

  • Managing benefits

  • Drawing up and submitting statements

  • Occupational health

  • Introductory training - general health and safety at work

Our experience

Customer support
Personal asistant
Sales staff
Production staff
Untrained workforce

Customer benefits

  • Flexibility in adjusting of workforce according to the specific needs of the activity.

  • Fast access to pre-selected, qualified and flexible workforce.

  • Reduced costs with temporary staffing benefit packages offered to Prohuman employees due to the volume discounts we have from our providers.

  • Control and predictability of costs.

  • Reducing risks linked to human resource management processes.

  • Reducing the costs of employee management functions.

  • Possibility for the customer to hire temporary employees upon termination of the assignment.

  • Assigning an account manager for operational optimization and communication.

Contact us

Depending on the needs of our customers, we can complement the temporary staffing services with the recruitment and selection of employees and / or services characteristic of the full outsourcing of the activity. Contact us if you want to give us more details.

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